Typical Saturday

Today was the first day of R and B's Drama Class here and they had a great time.  I think it will be good for both of them and hopefully they will make some new friends.  We are having a two week break in soccer, so that was all we had to do today.

I am at a creative block right now and feel that old bored, pent up feeling when I want to do something and just can't get started. 

I finished that Jodi Picoult book, "The Pact", on Friday night and it was so typical. I just wish so many books didn't just end with a trite-safe ending. hmmm.  I could just see it coming for so many chapters.  Ah well.

(a little more about my life)

I drove down to C-U yesterday afternoon, after work, to see my mom.  It was her 83 birthday this past Wednesday.  I visited with her for a bit then took her out to dinner.  She seemed to have a good time.  We laughed and I tried to be as nice to her as possible.  I realized that this may be one of the last lucid times we would have together, as her Alzheimers is excellerating at a tremendous rate.  She actually could not remember my name(I think) for about 30 minutes after I arrived.  And she kept calling Terry, "my son, you know the one who takes care of me".  After a bit the light came on and she said,"oh, Lynne!"  Then I knew she remembered my name.  I think she knew I was her daughter, just couldn't get the name to come up! I cried in the car after I took her home.  It is so sad.

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