We decided to switch our Internet carrier, well actually my husband decided.  He wanted to bundle everything into one bill so he shopped around and decided to go with the SBC package-we have been using a cable TV service along with the cable High Speed internet . We also had our computers wireless networked since my desktop is upstairs and his is down. 

What a pain!! He was promised plug and play installation, which he knew was a bunch of crap.  So he was prepared to endure several hours of tech support calling and he was not disappointed.  Then I tried to connect my computer and we realized that SBC had sent the wrong modem.  So after 90 minutes with them for that problem, I asked if we could some how use our previous wireless router with the DSL modem they sent. AAAAHHH-hmm yes, I could do that.  But after thirty minutes of fiddling with it, the Techie told me I would have to call my Wireless router support.  Good bye.  Then the wireless router techie lead me through 30 minutes of computer stuff and finally told me I would have to again call SBC-So I did, That person did help me somewhat, but passed me back to the wireless router people with info to give them.  GRRRRR

In that call, I, for the first time talk to a female tech support person, and while she was somewhat helpful.  She was not quite as polite as the men.  Any way, she had me doing all kinds of stuff but we got one computer totally set up and connected to the internet, and almost had my wireless connection complete when we ran into a glitch.  At which point she quickly said, ummm–uninstall the wireless software, and disable any firewalls and reboot the computer then reinstall the wireless software and it should be fine-bye!!!!

Just about that fast.  Well it was not fine, but I was able to finally figure out the problem–they all forgot to have me enter the ssd in the properties of the wireless adapter!! one little WORD had cost me nearly 4 hours of aggrevation.

But now I am back and it is working great.  I am so surprised at how dependent I am on the internet for so many things. I am amazed at coworkers who tell me they don't ever use their computer and never use the internet.  To me it is like having this huge library and Mall right on your desk.  I love it.

Well, that is my rant for today.  I will not even go into the fact that the tech support people that I talked to today at SBC were from the Phillipines and India.  Outsourcing is a whole other rant and I am too tired.


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