Vacation days

I have had the past 4 work days off. I had some vacation days to use and as such took them two days before and two days after Easter.  My idea of a vacation day differs with what I actually experience.  If I had a lot of money, which I don't , my fantasy might come true, instead, reality is this–I just hang around and piddle.  I was able to catch up on the laundry, clean out B's closet and get her "summer" clothes out, sorted, and the too small ones bagged for the Goodwill (and that was 90% of her last summer clothes!!), Helped R purge the crap out of his room and do the same with summer duds.  I changed all the sheets on all the beds!!! took two naps, made a huge fattening dinner on Easter, did a tiny bit of shopping because I only had a tiny bit of money left for this pay period. The biggest thing I did was the TAXES. 

I always put off doing my income taxes til the last minute, and occasionally file and extension.  Not because they are so complex, its just that I hate to do it.  It gives me a glaring picture of my fiscal ineptitude, and I always feel so crappy about how much/little money we make. 

Sometimes it seems we make a lot of money and have nothing to show for it–a few thousands in dwindling savings, a couple of used cars, etc.  We do have our new house-Which is very nice, but much more expensive that we thought or were led to believe it was going to be. We don't take fabulous vacations to Disney, or Mexico, or Hawaii.  I shop target, Walmart and the Second hand resale.

Othertimes, it seems like we/I work a LOT but my salary doesn't reflect that. 

Any way, This year I was pleasantly surprised.  With the Child Tax Credit, and Adoption deduction, we should get a nice return, if I figured correctly.  Now, if I just don't get Audited……

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  1. I believe your post will touch nerves in lots of people today. Sounds like a slice of real life. Keep plugging.



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