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This is my 83 year old mother. The picture was take a few days ago, it was her third day at the new nursing home . She is on a floor just for Alzheimer patients. She looks great because the first thing she asked me for is lipstick. That much of her is still present. Her pride/vanity in the way she looks. I will know when she is no longer inside her mind when she fails to take notice of how she looks.
For the past 6 months or so she has been so anxious, and finally the doctor gave her some medicine that really mellowed her out. No more fear and nerves. She just smiles and seems so calm.

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My mom has Alzheimer's and it is HORRIBLE.  Since her birthday in Februrary it has escalated. I have not had a very close relationship with her in my 58+ years, but she is my Mom, and I love her despite all her neurotic faults and crap that she saddled me and my brothers with. Watching her struggle with this -there is actually no word BAD enough to give Alzheimer's-disease has made me love and respect her more.  She has worked hard to keep her dignity throughout the past three years as her mind has slip, slip, slipped away.  How sad it is to sit across the table from her and answer honestly when she asks if she will always be this way? I didn't have the heart to tell her it will get so much worse.  I am torn between wishing it WOULD GET WORSE, then she wouldn't know something is deparately wrong with her, and wishing she would quietly slip away in her sleep and it would be over.  At least she would be at peace.  (my justification??)  I struggle with this and pray about it.  I trust our Lord to know the way.


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Daisy, originally uploaded by lal3509.

You know, I am nuts about my dogs. I have two. This is Daisy.
Daisy is my first ever dog. I was 55 when I got her and don't know how I lived without her all those years. She is my best friend, closest companion, shoulder to cry on, great company-listens intently to everything I say and agrees with all my opinions and ideas.
She sleeps with us and keeps my toes warm in winter. I LOVE HER!!

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Spring Rain

I have been sitting here listening to beautiful spring rain.  Some thunder, little if any lightening.  Just that spattering sound against the window and siding.  It has stopped as quickly as it started.  I love that about spring.

Our shrubs have leafed out, our miniature lilacs are blooming and so are the Japanese iris. The lilacs are so small but the are in front of the livingroom windows and with the windows open fill the downstairs with an intoxicating scent. Amazing.

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