EBAY Junkie

I have become an EBAY Junkie.  I don't really buy much. When I first started, like any addiction, I just went on a little. I bought a few things and I remember the absolute THRILL I felt when I won my first auction! It was so much like a High! Then waiting for the box, then getting my item, which I now cannot remember.  Then the let down, followed by extended surfing EBAY until I found another item to bid on.  I quit cold turkey for a while, when I won an auction on something I bid on and couldn't remember anything about, or why I wanted an opaque projector in the first place.  It is still in the box in the back hall.

I got hooked again because my Daughter needed extra income. She is a single mom and was looking for a part time job.  A coworker told her she was making good money selling her kids used clothes on EBAY.  So Christy looked through the girls closets and decided to sell some Skating costumes that the girls had out grown, and her part time job developed itself.  She now shops thrift store not just for her family but for resale.  She is doing so good, I decided to try my hand at it.

I have sold a couple of items and have about 15 more up for auction now. Some is stuff I had already and some I bought at the local thrift store for resale. (They have half off on Monday! So I got some good Inventory, cheap)  I hope that I do well, I need to find my niche.

Anyway, I find I am checking my EBAY account 20 times a day.  Seeing if anyone has bid on my Ann Taylor skirt, or my unused Stampin'Up Stamp set.  I can't stay away. I keep hoping for more watchers, more bids, MORE MONEY!

Like so many of us I am looking for a way to supplement my dwindling paycheck.  Gas keeps going up, groceries are higher, our Property Taxes went up this year, and the School district referrendum passed finally and they will go up next year another $500-700 per year!!  In the mean time I have not had a raise in nearly 6 years. 

So Wish me luck, I am looking for my niche.  Something lots of EBAYER'S want, that I can supply and make a bundle on. Or at least enough to pay for the braces that R needs.

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  1. Oh, I’ve been where you are, I remember checking my auctions probably every half hour, lol!
    I’ve had many a hot seller in my selling days. I can remember a crocodile skin purse I found at the Salvation Army for $1, I sold it for $185… Now if only I could find treasures like that every day 🙂
    good luck finding your niche.

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