Well my mom has been at the nursing home for about 4  weeks now and seems to be doing pretty good. My brother has been keeping me posted on her since he stops by the nursing home daily.  We are going to Decatur tomorrow for the weekend to visit him and see mom.  He always has a story about some little thing that has happened.  One day he went in and mom was wearing two different shoes-one was hers and one was her neighbors. Another day she had on someonelse's shirt; never did find out who it belonged to.

For the past two weeks she has complained that her eyes hurt and she couldn't see.  So Terry took her to Lenscrafter-where he just got her new glasses in March-to see what was wrong.  Well, she had on someone else's glasses!!! Terry was so flabergasted that he didn't even notice that they were not the same frames.  Well, never did find the glasses so we got new ones from Lenscrafter and he put some bright tape on them, hoping we could recognize them if they go missing again!!

I am looking forward to seeing her.  She told Terry recently that she hoped I would come visit her since she hasn't seen me in two or three YEARS.  We probably will have a great reunion.

Everyday is a brand new day for mom

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  1. I cannot imagine what you are going through- it would take so much coursge to watch your Mum go through this. Good Luck to you and your family.

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