Back to my Life

Today my temporary solitude is ending.  Last night went by in a flash.  I had many nice uninterupted hours of listing my Ebay stuff. Taking pictures, uploading, etc.  I got a LOT of stuff done.   But the time really flew.  Before I knew it I was asleep!!! 

It was pretty nice to have the whole bed to myself, but I realized I just slept on my side all night.

Anyway, Joe called and they are on their way home.  So my Solitude, plus dogs is about to end.  I did not have enough time to be lonely.  I mean please, one day!! Give me 3 maybe 5 days to even adjust.  Maybe then I could be lonely.  Put me in a cabin in the woods, not in a suburban subdivision, then maybe I could be lonely.  But 24 hours!!! Please.

The best thing about the end of my Solitude is–I know the kiddies will have missed me.  ME!! The tucker in, the task master, the kisser of skinned knees, the giver of medicine, the shampooer, the snuggler.  Me, they will have missed, and that makes their coming home so sweet.

Just so you don’t think that those durn dogs drove me crazy.  Here are some additional pictures of their antics.


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