All Most The New Year

It is so hard to believe that it is almost years end, or we are close to the NEW YEAR.
Which ever, time seems like it is flying by. Kiddies are growing like weeds, R is taller that both of us; B is becoming quite the girlie girl. Both are a blessing.

My mom is still hanging on in the nursing home and doing ok. She has lots of bad, weepy days, but is reasonably healthy. Brother takes such good care of her. I adore him for being the Man he has become.

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My brother is so devoted to my mom. He takes great care of her and is so patient and loving of her. He is an example to everyone around him of unconditional love. I am so proud of him.
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Mom in the nursing home just before Christmas

She was having a really weepy day, this visit. Something that is quite frequent with her. She is pretty much incoherent now. Some times she says one or two words that are understandable and occasionally make sense in the context of of the moment.

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