Thank Heaven it’s Thursday

I feel like I live my life in two day increments. Monday and Tuesday I work at in the world-9/10 hours depending. Then on Wednesday I am off!!! and I do so look forward to it. Then Thrusday and Friday, back to work, then THE WEEKEND!!Yeah!!!. I work to be off. During the days at work I never feel really alive. Just having to go through the motions. When I am at home I can create, make my art, be with my kids and husband-which I love.
Below are a couple of my recent pieces-The large one is a foray into larger collage it is 5X7 inches. The smaller is an ATC of the Great Brando-I found the picture in a magazine and I knew I had to do something with it.

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I joined a couple more swaps and one was a Jester/joker theme-so I went traditional and found an illustration of a jester online and made my cards last night. Fairly simple and straight forward–
Here it is

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A Few Days Off

I had a couple of vacation days that I needed to use or lose, so I have had a several days of creating -I joined a couple of swaps on one of my groups so I needed to… Here is one of the cards for a 40’s,50’s, 60″s style pinup swap..
This is not my usual type of card, but I liked the pic and she does look naughty.

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Silly Royalty

I happened on this website that will generate a silly royal title for you –I am the Queen Bee after all–which got me to thinking and before I knew it I have started working on a series of Silly Royalty ATC’s

On a different note–went to the beauty salon/spa today. I never actually visit the spa but I like the word, I only get my hair cut. This time I got it really short-it took some time to convince my wonderful stylist, Trish to actually cut it SHORT. But I wanted it to be even more carefree than it has been this past year. I don’t think my husband likes it too much, but my daughter, Bri does. Anyway, it always feels so luxurious to have someone shampoo your hair, and Trish is such an artist in her own right-She’s the first and only stylist I have been to in my 60 yrs that I have felt”GOT” me and what I want and was able to interpret that into a hair cut/style that I was completely happy with. Yeah, Trish!!

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Storm Clouds

I took this a few days ago when a storm was rolling in from the west–It was an awesome site, all those dark clouds with the sun above shining through the gigantic “opening” in the sky

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