Finally have a moment to sit down and update this blog.  Still can’t believe that I actually do this.  And thought I would comment on our vacation in Michigan a few weeks ago. 

We had not had an actual vacation for several years,mostly due to finances. Selling our old house and buying our grand new house.(which turned out to be much more expensive than we were led to believe. Taxes are triple what we were expecting.) And last summer I was taken quite ill suddenly, and had to have surgery!

So in winter of 05/06 I decided we would have a summer vacation again.  Twice in the past we had rented a cottage in Michigan from an aquaintance. So I contacted her and she had a week available the first week of August, 2006.  We budgeted and reserved the cottage and so were on our Summer Vacation August 5-12 on Silver Lake, in Mears,Michigan.   It is a quaint little place. The cottage was part of a family compound, and now the daughter owns it and rents the three cottages out. It is decorated in funky furniture and she has games, books, TV/VCR/DVD player. But our main attraction is really not Silver Lake itself which is right out the front window, it is Huge and beautiful Lake Michigan which is about 1 mile down our little road.  We went to the beach everyday and got totally burned and wind blown.  It was great.

Besides our little family of 4, we brought our two grandaughters and a friend of our son.

Above is the Little Sable Lighthouse, which is on the beach where we vacationed.  It is a great attraction, the kids love it, and of course, a popular subject for all kinds of postcard and souvenier stuff.

Not the greatest Lake Michigan Sunset, but it is always beautiful at Cedar Point, which is another beach we frequent, just north of Silver Lake, on the way to the town of Pentwater.

We had a number of overcast and cloudy days and nights along with a tremendous thunder/lightening storm  while we were there. But for the most part our days were wonderful. 

Famous for the Sand Dunes, this picture is from the top of one of the dunes along the shore, on our last night of vacation.

This shot is from the top of another dune, looking down on Silver Lake.  Our cottage is actually smack in the middle of the picture on the far shore of Silver Lake.  I don’t know the statistics surrounding the dunes, but they are constantly shifting and moving, and we were actually standing on top of what was once a farm, but had been totally covered by more than a hundred feet of sand.

Anyway, trying to figure out how to have 2 full weeks up there next year.  We were just getting into a relaxing routine, when we had to head back to reality and Life here in the midwest.

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