Mom’s 85th Birthday

This is catch up–My mom turned 85 on Feb 1, 2008. Her time in the Nursing home is so hard on her. She cries all the time and is afraid of everything. She is now having a hard time swallowing food of any kind. She mostly drinks.


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All Most The New Year

It is so hard to believe that it is almost years end, or we are close to the NEW YEAR.
Which ever, time seems like it is flying by. Kiddies are growing like weeds, R is taller that both of us; B is becoming quite the girlie girl. Both are a blessing.

My mom is still hanging on in the nursing home and doing ok. She has lots of bad, weepy days, but is reasonably healthy. Brother takes such good care of her. I adore him for being the Man he has become.

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My brother is so devoted to my mom. He takes great care of her and is so patient and loving of her. He is an example to everyone around him of unconditional love. I am so proud of him.
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Mom in the nursing home just before Christmas

She was having a really weepy day, this visit. Something that is quite frequent with her. She is pretty much incoherent now. Some times she says one or two words that are understandable and occasionally make sense in the context of of the moment.

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Where Have I Been, and What Have I Been Doing?!

Good question. I have been around and at times feel like I am working 7 days a week and sometimes I feel like I do nothing productive. I actually have been working full time and getting home well after 6pm most nights and lately I have been working on my Ebay stuff ALOT–I want to take the selling to the next level-more than 6-10 items a week, so lately I have been selling 20 or more items; this week I have 30!!! up for auction. The preparation is time consuming, mainly because I want it done nicely and accurately and I try to make sure my garments are clean and neat, for the photo’s.

The kids keep us hopping and we are generally busy.

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Finally have a moment to sit down and update this blog.  Still can’t believe that I actually do this.  And thought I would comment on our vacation in Michigan a few weeks ago. 

We had not had an actual vacation for several years,mostly due to finances. Selling our old house and buying our grand new house.(which turned out to be much more expensive than we were led to believe. Taxes are triple what we were expecting.) And last summer I was taken quite ill suddenly, and had to have surgery!

So in winter of 05/06 I decided we would have a summer vacation again.  Twice in the past we had rented a cottage in Michigan from an aquaintance. So I contacted her and she had a week available the first week of August, 2006.  We budgeted and reserved the cottage and so were on our Summer Vacation August 5-12 on Silver Lake, in Mears,Michigan.   It is a quaint little place. The cottage was part of a family compound, and now the daughter owns it and rents the three cottages out. It is decorated in funky furniture and she has games, books, TV/VCR/DVD player. But our main attraction is really not Silver Lake itself which is right out the front window, it is Huge and beautiful Lake Michigan which is about 1 mile down our little road.  We went to the beach everyday and got totally burned and wind blown.  It was great.

Besides our little family of 4, we brought our two grandaughters and a friend of our son.

Above is the Little Sable Lighthouse, which is on the beach where we vacationed.  It is a great attraction, the kids love it, and of course, a popular subject for all kinds of postcard and souvenier stuff.

Not the greatest Lake Michigan Sunset, but it is always beautiful at Cedar Point, which is another beach we frequent, just north of Silver Lake, on the way to the town of Pentwater.

We had a number of overcast and cloudy days and nights along with a tremendous thunder/lightening storm  while we were there. But for the most part our days were wonderful. 

Famous for the Sand Dunes, this picture is from the top of one of the dunes along the shore, on our last night of vacation.

This shot is from the top of another dune, looking down on Silver Lake.  Our cottage is actually smack in the middle of the picture on the far shore of Silver Lake.  I don’t know the statistics surrounding the dunes, but they are constantly shifting and moving, and we were actually standing on top of what was once a farm, but had been totally covered by more than a hundred feet of sand.

Anyway, trying to figure out how to have 2 full weeks up there next year.  We were just getting into a relaxing routine, when we had to head back to reality and Life here in the midwest.

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Ebay update

I have been selling stuff on Ebay for about 2 months, and doing ok.  I am not breaking the bank but added about $300-375 to my bank account.  I have emptied some boxes of stuff in the basement that have sat there since our move 19 months ago.  Guess we don’t need that stuff ! I sold some vintage bottles and some old Pez dispensers that were my son Toney’s.  They had been in a box since he moved to Arizona in 1986 !! Gosh I  AM a pack rat. 

I do know that about myself. I keep stuff. If only it were money-ha.  I do keep stuff, and am very sentimental about some things.  I keep cards and trinkets that I find.  I collect a lot of different things, though so far in moving to our NEW house I have kept that under control. I love old, vintage things.  Quaint liitle trinkets, smalls and toys. Hubby and I used to scour flea markets and antique shops all over for antique wooden bowls and I have several dozen, some quite old.  I also like pottery bowls and have a large collection of various color vintage mixing bowls.

WHY???? I don’t know.

Well, I forgot this post was waiting for publishing.  It has been languishing in WordPress land.  I have continued to  sell on Ebay  sporadically, when time permits and have done ok.  It is always exciting at auction ending to see how the snipers come out and finally bid on stuff.  I think if  I could devote more time to it I could make more money. But full time job, family and life get in the way. Certainly can see me doing this on an expanded basis when I retire, which I hope will be in the next few years! 

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Mom, August 19,2006


Mom, August 18,2006, originally uploaded by lal3509.

B and I went down to Decatur to visit Mom yesterday. We left Joliet around 7 am and made great time.  Terry had gone to pick her up at the nursing home so she was at his house when we got there.  The top picture I took right away after getting there.  She is a bit worse, she knows me, in as much as she knows I am someone she cares about, but my name, no-what the relationship is,no.  And something sad happens when she asks you to explain who you are-which she will do.  She just cannot comprehend our relationship, as she totally cannot fathom that she was ever married. ON ONE LEVEL.

She did however spot an old wedding picture of her and my dad and piped up,”there is a picture of Toney and me”. So it is too confusing. 

Part of the day she just talked nonsense and the rest she asked the same questions, or made the same comments over and over again. 

Physically she is doing ok, with the exception of her feet.  She has diabetic neuropathy, and while her diabetes is under-control and she doesn’t have to take medicine or insulin, the disease has taken it’s toll on her.  She has some ulcers that must be cared for by a podiatrist-get this-medicare will only pay for part of her care because she doesn’t take diabetes medicine.

Mood wise, she is pretty good.  She gets kind of weepy at times, and worked up when we got ready to go back to the nursing home. But they won’t continue to medicate her like she was at first, because it is not in her formulary and there is no generic.  Terry says it costs a $50 co-pay and she can’t afford to be on the medicine all the time.  It is only used PRN.When she gets very agitated, and fortunately that is not often.

We had a great visit. Went out to lunch and Mom ate like there was no tomorrow. Terry & Chris and I talked ourselves out I think.  I can never repay my wonderful brother and his wife for all the care and concern that have given my Mom.  Terry goes over nearly every day after work, and takes Mom out some weekends. They do her laundry and generally advocate for her. Terry has stepped up and done so much for our Mom.  He has been my shoulder and strong rock to lean on.  I really love my brother.

Below, after I curled and combed out her hair and lipstick on her. 

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Last night I dreamed about my son, Toney. He has been dead for 5 years.  This dream was not sad, as a lot of previous ones have been.  It was odd.  I cannot remember what led up to the part of the dream that I remember, I know that some of it was tied in with a conversation I had with my daughter Christy about an upcoming trip we might take.  I dreamed that Toney and I were walking down a street, and I was confused by the fact that he was there talking and walking with me, as I knew he had died.  He told me he had never died, but that a mistake had been made and after the memorial his dad didn’t know how to tell everyone that he was still alive, so he just kept quiet about it!! Toney did not look much like himself, since he was quite a bit taller than me in my dream than he would have been in real life, and he was walking, which he couldn’t have done.  He told me that he just didn’t need his wheelchair anymore, he just started walking one day when he noticed he had lost some weight and could stand up.  So he didn’t need the chair.  I remember I turned to look at him and I was amazed by his walking next to me, then he put his arm around my shoulder and we walked down the street.  That’s all I remember.

I Love you, my beautiful Boy. I miss you so much, someday we will walk together. Mom

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Back to my Life

Today my temporary solitude is ending.  Last night went by in a flash.  I had many nice uninterupted hours of listing my Ebay stuff. Taking pictures, uploading, etc.  I got a LOT of stuff done.   But the time really flew.  Before I knew it I was asleep!!! 

It was pretty nice to have the whole bed to myself, but I realized I just slept on my side all night.

Anyway, Joe called and they are on their way home.  So my Solitude, plus dogs is about to end.  I did not have enough time to be lonely.  I mean please, one day!! Give me 3 maybe 5 days to even adjust.  Maybe then I could be lonely.  Put me in a cabin in the woods, not in a suburban subdivision, then maybe I could be lonely.  But 24 hours!!! Please.

The best thing about the end of my Solitude is–I know the kiddies will have missed me.  ME!! The tucker in, the task master, the kisser of skinned knees, the giver of medicine, the shampooer, the snuggler.  Me, they will have missed, and that makes their coming home so sweet.

Just so you don’t think that those durn dogs drove me crazy.  Here are some additional pictures of their antics.


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